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Ok men, let's get straight into it. Porn affects everyone. Men, women, young, old. It doesn't matter what your background is or how rich or poor you are. The reality is most people at some point in their life will be exposed to porn. But another reality is the effect of porn on men. In a different and unique way, porn has an ugly effect on us as men. 

As men, we have opinions coming from every direction on what it means to be a man. We are told to have a certain job, make a certain amount of money, drive a certain type of car, how to be husbands, raise our kids, etc. As men, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other men. It’s in our nature to be better than the next guy. This can be extremely destructive when we start comparing ourselves to something that does not paint an accurate picture of what it means to be a man, such as porn.

Here is the deal with porn— it's fake. And the porn industry as a whole makes millions off of it. “Adult films” create a fake reality that we as men could never and will never be able to attain. We walk away from porn telling ourselves I should perform like that man, in fact, I need to be better then that man. Not only that, but my wife she should react just like the women from that particular scene when we're having sexual relations, and if she doesn’t, I’m doing something wrong. 

Don't Fall Into Porn's Trap 

Men, I encourage you to not fall into this trap of the porn industry. This sick psychological trick and many more are exactly what keep men coming back for more. We beat ourselves up for not being able to meet these fake standards. So we watch more, and we go and try again and so on. It’s a vicious cycle.

Think about why we as men are attracted to action movies with crazy gunfights, car stunts, and impossible things that we could never do. We know it’s fake, but we’re still attracted to it. We want more. The crazier the stunt the more entertained we are. The porn industry uses this same concept except their goal is to make us think that it’s not fake and there lies the trap

Men, it's possible to break the cycle. But we need to man up. Pray often, visit the Sacraments frequently, surround yourself with brothers who know the struggle and have overcome it.

Most importantly, know who you are as a beloved son of God. You are so much more than just a sexual being. God is calling you to so much more. God is calling you to love authentically. The Father knows your struggle so be real with him, do not be ashamed but rather run to your Father like the prodigal son (Luke 15). He awaits you with open arms. Brothers, I promise if your identity is rooted in God you have already won the battle. “…For the battle is not yours but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15). 

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Paul Albert is the Haiti Parish Specialist for Life Teen. Paul recently moved back to the United States after 6 years of evangelizing the youth of the western coast of Haiti, with his wife and 4 children. He now serves stateside with Life Teen with the goal of developing youth ministry in more parishes in Haiti. Paul likes beatboxing with his kids, attempting to write Christian rap songs, attending a good prayer meeting, and all things manly. Nothing brings Paul more joy than Jesus, his family, and buffalo chicken.