Safe Haven Sunday was observed February 22-23, 2020 in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. 

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Bishop Gregory Parkes and the Diocese of St. Petersburg are pleased to offer some of the best resources available to aid you, your family, and your organization in navigating modern technology usage and the deep harm that is caused by pornography. Please take advantage of these training programs, articles, videos, and local resources specifically designed for you whether you are a parent, an educator, a ministry leader, or someone who is struggling with pornography. May God bless you with His mercy, strength, and guidance on your journey.

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Faith-Based Email Challenges And Internet Safety Videos 

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Ministry Leaders

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Ministry Tools To Help All Move Beyond Pornography

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Healing from Addiction, Brain Science, And Accountability

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Healing from Personal and Spousal Addiction, Brain Science, And Accountability

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Digital Citizenship Lessons Based On Sacred Scripture 

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Diocese of St. Petersburg Highlighted Resources

Safe Haven Counseling Referral List

Safe Haven Counseling Referral List


The following list of mental health professionals include men and women who may or may not be Catholic, but would be respectful of the Church’s teachings on Chastity based on a phone interview. Many of them are certified sexual addiction therapists (CSAT) through the international institute for trauma and addiction professionals (IITAP). Inclusion on this list does not constitute a Diocesan recommendation of any of the providers and is simply a resource. Some counselors on this list on not within the Diocese of St. Petersburg but they are willing to see people from our area and two will work through Telehelp, or HIPPA compliant video chat.

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Brian Lemoi

Executive Director of the Office of Evangelization, Formation, Youth and Family Life
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