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There are so many email challenges, devotionals and self-help books out there. It’s really hard to even know where to start if you’re trying to overcome a particular struggle, strengthen yourself in an area you’re weak in, or simply learn more about something you have a passion about. 

This is why I reached out to Chris Cope. Chris is a man committed to helping and motivating other men to be fully alive in Christ. For many men, this means they need to put porn behind them. Chris has developed a program unlike no other to help men do just that. If you’re looking to overcome porn in your life and grow in your relationship with our Lord, this is where you should begin. 

In our interview, Chris shared his story and the motivation behind developing the free STRIVE 21-Day Challenge. Check it out below–I know you will be inspired. 

Tell me about yourself, Chris. 

I’ve been working as a creative director for over a decade and have been able to direct and produce many educational programs and short films along the way. I founded Cardinal Studios three years ago with the intention of helping people find joy in the midst of their everyday lives through powerful media productions. 

Most importantly, I’m a husband and father. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Jennifer, for 15 years, and we have five amazing kids.

Why did you create the STRIVE 21-Day Challenge?

We’re all called to love, and we will never find joy in this life if we are stuck in a cycle of using others as a means to a selfish end. That’s what pornography is. So many men were introduced to porn at a young age, and it’s just become a regular part of their daily routine. This creates a profound block to growing in virtue and keeps us from finding the happiness we desire within relationships with others. 

When Matt Fradd reached out about the idea of creating a practical plan to help men break free from pornography, we were all in. This was an opportunity to craft a step-by-step plan that was a fun, engaging, and life-changing journey that men from around the world could take part in together. 

So many lives have been destroyed, so many relationships broken…it was time to do something innovative that really made a huge difference. 

We called it STRIVE because there's no quick fix or silver bullet available to break free from porn. While this series provides powerful tools, a supportive community, and ongoing resources, we still have to strive every day to allow ourselves to receive the good things God wants to give us and continue to do those things that will help us to live as men fully alive.

What makes STRIVE different from other programs? 

STRIVE is a transformative 21-day challenge with powerful videos, written content, and challenges for each day. After 21-days you will understand why you look at porn, how to combat temptations, you’ll have an accountability partner (an ally) that’s supporting you, and you’ll build a customized plan that you’ll continue to work daily to ensure you do not fall back into old ways.

It's unlike anything else out there because it not only gives you a practical plan to break free from pornography, but it also puts you into a thriving community of men from around the world all committed to the same goal. 

You will look deep into your own heart to discover what’s driving you toward porn and/or masturbation, what’s happening in your brain, and what you can do to build a plan that will be amazingly effective in keeping you free from this stuff for good. 

At the same time, you’re journeying with men from around the world, learning from their experiences, sharing your own thoughts and struggles, and gaining support from men who are willing to be there for you through these 21 days and beyond.

What partnering resources and tools do you promote in STRIVE? 

One of the most critical aspects we cover is the need for accountability. We partnered with Covenant Eyes to ensure that men have devices that are monitored, and an ally (accountability partner) that receives reports and most importantly is there for them during this focused 21-days and beyond. 

This is a perfect complement to STRIVE, because as men journey through the challenge, there’s a huge comfort knowing that someone’s got their back, and there’s a great deterrent keeping them from engaging in old patterns. 

We also have partnered with various clinical psychologists and other groups to help point men toward ongoing help if that’s what they need. The 21-days equips men with the tools and resources they need, and that might just be ongoing support or therapy. We help men understand that there’s nothing wrong with pursuing the help they need…it’s actually quite courageous.

What do you tell men who are considering signing up for STRIVE? 

If you engage in porn or masturbation in any way, even infrequently, STRIVE is for you. It’s a safe, anonymous, online community of brothers and a journey that will rock you to the core. Porn and masturbation will only lead you further toward a life of isolation and unhappiness, broken relationships, and negative physiological and psychological effects. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

What's the feedback been on STRIVE so far?

We’ve received over 17,000 comments from men so far and the reviews have been off the charts. Men are saying that they finally understand from a psychological perspective what’s actually happening, and how to combat their temptations. They’re overwhelmed by the support of other men, and they have tremendous hope. Most importantly, they now have a very specific plan that’s customized to their own life that they know will lead them on the path each day to freedom. You can see actual reviews here.

How can you sign up for STRIVE?

STRIVE is entirely online and the challenges are delivered to you each day. It works across all devices and is very easy to engage.

Individuals can sign-up and start today by going here.

Parishes and Churches can review STRIVE at no cost, and we have an extremely effective Access Card program to help leaders meet men right where they are and give them an actionable plan to implement that day. More info can be found here. 

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

STRIVE fills a very practical need by giving men a plan they can begin today. If you’re still struggling in any way with temptations toward porn and/or masturbation, STRIVE will help you achieve a level of freedom you may have never thought possible. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How will you choose to live it?

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STRIVE: A 21-Day Detox from Porn


STRIVE: A 21-Day Detox from Porn by Matt Fradd has transformed the lives of men from all around the world. It is a step-by-step plan to finally break free from porn, delivered each day. Powerful videos, challenges, live events, a free trial to Covenant Eyes, and a world-wide community included. 

Audience: Men ages 18 and over 
Language: English
Resource Type: Detox Challenge

Cost: Free 

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